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$219.00 - $277.00
$129.00 - $167.00

Ready to turn that interest into a career? This kit will get you going!

$269.00 - $327.00

If you think you're ready to start on some color tattoos, look no further! The perfect Novice kit is right here! 

$189.00 - $227.00

V-Twin Kit is great for any tattoo artist or someone who just wants to stock up on a good set of supplies!

$237.00 - $295.00

Not a beginner, but not a pro? This kit falls right in the middle with all the best amount of supplies!

$374.00 - $427.00

 The Money Maker kit is set with 14 awesome New York Killer inks and a full line of Kuro Sumi shading inks!

$425.00 - $455.00

The Professional Kit has a large assortment of supplies at a great price!

$520.00 - $540.00

 If you're ready to call yourself a Master, this kit is perfect. Set with plenty of inks and Flash books!

$899.00 - $1,069.00

If you're just begining your piercing career, this Start Up kit is perfect!

If you're a few steps ahead of a beginner, you won't go wrong with this kit.

All your piercings needs are fulfilled with this Professional Piercing Kit.

Tattoo Kits Being in the tattoo Industry for over 50 years, we at Tattoo Kit a New York Tattoo Supply Company have combined our knowledge, premium products and the needs of artist to design the best quality tattoo and piercing kits at the lowest cost possible. We also offer an extensive line of medical supplies that can be ordered in addition with your kits. This is your one stop shop without the hassle of ordering everything individually. We have hand selected each kit with the purpose of meeting each level of experience in tattooing...Read More